About JRC:

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The company was founded by brothers Jagat Ram & Tota Ram & later came to be owned exclusively by Shri Jagat Ram Sharma. They had come to Delhi post-partition & started out by doing odd jobs at a spices & dry fruits shop in Chandni Chowk. After gaining some experience in the field of spice-trading, they started their own general store in Kanhaiya Nagar which stocked spices, pulses, wheat, pickles, soaps & hair oils. It soon earned a reputation for being the only store to have everything under one roof. So much so that the market where the store was located, came to be known as the “Tota Ram Bazaar”.  But the journey to creating the brand hasn’t been an easy one. First the funds were a challenge in the post-partition era. Then came the uphill task of finding a suitable location for the store. Fortunately a noble soul offered his space for the store since there were no other grocery shops in the area. Business took off with an investment of Rs.5, a princely sum in those days, saved from Shri Jagat Ram’s salary. It wasn’t easy to earn, invest, save & build a hold in the market but Jagat Ram’s perseverance conquered all hurdles. Not only he managed to bring his business plan into existence but also ensured its success & it reached a level where people would wait in turns to buy the goods. In the initial days, as was the norm, the company relied on hand-ground spices & dry fruits but later migrated to manual machines in 1980, building up a capacity of 10,000 packages of various products in a month. In the 80’s, the next generation started taking over. Vijay Sharma, Jagat Ram’s son, an aspiring enterpreneur, had to step in after his father’s sudden demise. Starting off with the attractive & hygienic packaging & going on to transforming the store, he moved up step by step, also focussing on sourcing, quality & pricing & took the company to new heights.


Under his leadership, the company tasted success with “JRC-Henna Mehendi” in 1992, & since then the company has continued to launch one great product after the other & is now the proud owner of more than 150 products in the already populated & competitive spices & dry fruits market. The great quality of the products has ensured the loyality of its customers. The USP of the food industry lies in the fact that food items are not a luxury but a need & are impervious to the fluctuating economy.  The only thing that can make your customers move away from you is any compromise on quality & hence, we adhere to the strictest standards. 

Business Mission:

Our mission is to retain the faith of our already loyal customers & gain the trust of new ones. We strive to keep our customers satisfied by offering great products at competetive prices.

Not being content with our success, we are perpetually striving to better the quality of our products by actively seeking customer feedback.


Creating an environment which nurtures the strengths of our team members, evaluating the results & using our best facets collectively.


Upholding the legacy of quality & high standards of business ethics we have adhered to so far.


Business Vision:

Our Vision is to capture mass market, online selling & creating presence of the brand across various markets.




The store is located in the heart of the bustling TriNagar Market in Delhi. The market is also known as Tota Ram Bazaar,  after one of the founding pillars of JRC, Tota Ram Pansari.  The cozy ambiance of the store is inviting & the organized & neat stacking of all products creates a hassle-free experience of buying the finest blends for your kitchen shelf.